Take a full control of your supplier relationships

An easy-to-use way to get a 360-degree view of supplier information and insights in one place!
Supplier Management Feature

All your supplier data, in one place

Manage your supplier data in a centralized view that provides a 360-degree of all insights and information including contacts, official papers, and contracts

Track supplier performance

Get a snapshot of all historical performance and transactions with every supplier in seconds and easily track ongoing performance reviews

Intelligent supplier ranking

Teradix uses the latest artificial intelligince and data mining technologies to rank suppliers based on thousands of transactions on our platform

Access our supplier network and unlock more qualified suppliers

A fast-growing supplier network that covers all your needs and audited carefully for your business

$ 50M

Total offers value


Verified opportunities


Active categories


Active suppliers

Maximize your supplier relationship ROI

Easily manage your supplier data
Track supplier activities with one place
Mitigate the risks of supplier fraud

Thousands of companies use and trust Teradix!

The support team is outstanding! They helped me answer all my questions about services I may need for my next RFQ and they were very helpful. They have an outstanding service that I recommend to all companies
Islam Abdel Maqsoud
Islam Abdel Maqsoud
Al Futtaim Group
Quick & effective communication with suppliers is one of the best features of my experience with Teradix. I support Teradix's experience and I believe it helps greatly in developing and improving the purchasing experience for all parties
م.أحمد المصليحي
Ahmed Moselhi
Ahram Security Group
I was able to find new suppliers on Teradix Supplier Network that meets our standards. The supplier network is unique and covers most of our needs
مصطفي المعز
Mostafa Elmoez
LC Waikiki

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