Initiate an auction and automatically negoiate prices

Start a digital auction that makes supplier bidding easier than ever before and achieve up to 15% savings in every sourcing request
e-Auction Feature

Manage forward/reverse auctions

Teradix gives your the full control of your auction event and supports 5 different global formats; English, Dutch, Japanese, Brazilian and Yankee.

Shorten negotiation cylce

Save time and money by automating the negotiation cycle and enforce transperency across sourcing life cycle

Real-time offer analytics

Compare offers in real-time and generate final report from the final bidding results in seconds

Save up to 15% of your sourcing requests

Increase efficiency across sourcing cycle
Get the best prices for your requests
Achieve transparency across all company spend

Thousands of companies use and trust Teradix!

The support team is outstanding! They helped me answer all my questions about services I may need for my next RFQ and they were very helpful. They have an outstanding service that I recommend to all companies
Islam Abdel Maqsoud
Islam Abdel Maqsoud
Al Futtaim Group
Quick & effective communication with suppliers is one of the best features of my experience with Teradix. I support Teradix's experience and I believe it helps greatly in developing and improving the purchasing experience for all parties
م.أحمد المصليحي
Ahmed Moselhi
Ahram Security Group
I was able to find new suppliers on Teradix Supplier Network that meets our standards. The supplier network is unique and covers most of our needs
مصطفي المعز
Mostafa Elmoez
LC Waikiki

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