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We are on a mission to digitize the IT purchasing and hiring cycle, making it more efficient and transparent

About Teradix

Teradix is an online platform that connects businesses with the right IT Solution Providers, providing data-driven insights & tools to influence their buying & hiring decisions.

On Teradix, IT Customers can compare between hundreds of verified project reviews and previous work experiences, to help them in selecting the best Solution Provider for their next IT project.

We're also empowering the IT Solution Providers with the sales and marketing tools that help them build a rich and trusted online presence to show their competitive edges, which results in generating more business opportunities with qualified IT buyers in the local and global market.

Teradix's Impact

Changing The Game!

Changing the Game!

Improving the way IT projects and services are delivered!

Sales Cylce

More efficient Sales Cycle!

Driving the IT solution Providers towards focusing more on technological advancement more than mainly sales focused!

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Explore, compare and connect with the best Solution Providers to deliver your next IT project.

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