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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most

Is it free to register my company as a supplier on Teradix?

Yes, just make sure to upload a copy of your company’s commercial registration to complete our supplier verification process. And you know what, you also get access to 3 business opportunities (RFQs) for free to try out our service.

Should I purchase an “RFQ Access” Bundle?

After you consume your 3 trial RFQ accesses, you can continue on our free basic plan and only pay for each single RFQ that you want to access at a small fee of 60 Egyptian Pounds. If you want to save on RFQ access fees, you may want to purchase a bundle at a discounted rate, we have two bundles of 15 and 50 RFQ Accesses.

What does "RFQ Access" include?

RFQ Access allows you to know the buyer name and company name, you'll also have access to Teradix Messenger for direct communication with the buyer and a way to submit your offer.

Does “RFQ Access” Bundles Expire?

RFQ Access is not bound to a specific time frame, so you can use it any time to access RFQs.

What information do I get about new RFQs, to be able to decide either to work on it or not?

In all new RFQs, you'll be able to see the details of the required product/service and the industry of the end user, along with the budget allocated and deadline of submitting offers. You'll also see Teradix Remarks, which is the summary of the validation call that we do to every RFQ we receive, and if you're a Premium Supplier, you'll be able to see some insights about the buyer and the number of competing suppliers on this specific request.

What are the buyers profiles and is there any verification to avoid spam buyers?

Our platform is designed to avoid any spam buyers from the first step they register on our platform, all our buyers has to use their business emails while registering their accounts as a verification of their company name. Then whenever they submit their first RFQ, we do ask them to provide a photocopy of their business cards to validate against the company name and job title. Lastly, we do a qualification call for each RFQ we receive and share the summary of the call with you to save much of your time and help you decide if your business has interest to work on that request.

When should I upgrade to a “Premium Supplier” plan?

All suppliers, by default, will be on our free "Basic Supplier" plan which is limited by 2 users per company. If you want to have more users and want to get access to Premium RFQs you'll need to subscribe to our "Premium Supplier" plan at EGP 500 per month. As a Premium Supplier you'll also get more insights about RFQs and get featured on Buyers Dashboard.

What are “Premium RFQs”? And will I be able to access them as a "Basic" supplier?

Premium RFQs are for large scale projects that are submitted by trusted recurring buyers on Teradix. Premium RFQs are sent only to "Premium Suppliers".

Is there commission or any hidden fees?

Our pricing model doesn't have any hidden fees, and no commission is a no commission to any deal that is done on Teradix. It will always be a Pay As You Go model to Access RFQs, and if you're a large supplier then you might think of subscribing to our "Premium Supplier" monthly plan as an Add-on to get more business features. That's it!

Can I get a refund for “RFQ Access” fees if the customer cancelled or postponed his request?

Unfortunately not. All posted RFQs are from verified customers and we do qualification for each RFQ at the time of posting, we are not responsible for any change of plans that happens at the buyer side.

Do I get an invoice?

Sure, you will receive an electronic invoice by email once your payment is processed. Contact us for more information and possibly other ways of receiving your invoice.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Contact us for more information and possibly other ways of payment.